'We very much appreciate and value cooperation with Cristian lasting for several years. We have to highlight not only the absolutely professional photo taking skills, but also enthusiasm and  willingness to help even in challenging conditions including critical time limits. We were proud to use Cristian´s pictures in limited edition of our annual company calendar presenting our aircraft family.
All used pictures were perfect and are real stars of the edition. We may only recommend Cristian.’
Jakub Fojtik, Head of Business Department, Defence & MRO, AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s.

'Filming an aerobatic aircraft like the Sukhoi 26 in all it’s glory, upright and inverted in close formation is not an easy task. This requires a very good understanding between pilot and photographer and a very precise and well prepared briefing.  Thanks to Cristian’s professionalism and creativity we were able to shoot some awesome pictures over the Cornfield shooting range in the Netherlands.  It was a pleasure to work with Christian.
He has a very clear idea of what he wants and a never ending drive to get the perfect shot. And this shows.
We made it to the front page of the leading dutch aviation magazine. Well done, Cris!
Frank van Houten, aerobatics pilot SU-26MX, Dutch Rush Aerobatics.

'Many thanks to Cristian from Aimhigh Aviation for his outstanding, professional demeanour while providing us with amazing in-flight photos of our aircrew and aircraft in action. He provided guidance to our pilots on how to put our aircraft in the best position for the "perfect shot" and we weren't disappointed. Additionally, he authored an excellent article on our squadron's history and current operations.  Thank you, Cris!"
Lt.Col. Quinton Packard, CO Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84, United States Navy Reserve

'Cristian is a very professional photographer. During the briefing he gave us a clear and precise view of his work. Within military aviation it is essential to have a photographer like Cris - straight forward with a lot of knowledge and experience!'
1Lt Stefan "Tweety" Auer, Pilot SAAB J105OE, Austrian Air Force

'We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to you, from behalf of the Estonian Air Force, for the magnificent photographs you took during your brief visit to Ämari Air Force Base, Estonia.
The mission planning and execution of the photo shoots worked out perfectly.
Your high quality photos (that you so kindly have shared with us) help Estonian Air Force very nicely in advertising our small Air Force to Estonia’s general population and to the world at large. We will be more than happy to continue cooperation with you also in the futuure and at any time host you again in Estonia'.
LTC Riivo Valge, Chief of Staff & LTC Arvo Palumäe, Senior Flight Safety Inspector / Pilot, Estonian Air Force

'My expectation towards any additional passenger/photographer is usually very low.
These flights bring a lot of trouble and not much result. Now flying with Cristian was nothing like that, we made outstanding photos, had fun and most importantly, everything was safe. Cristian has the heart of an aviator truly loving big blue sky and silver clouds which helps him to make that perfect landscape with aircraft on it.
In addition, his experience as NCO helps him work through those heavy chains of command in a very light and diplomatic way. What makes him my favorite passenger is that he is active F16 crew chief, so you don't need to double explain cockpit safety and be afraid having someone being in cockpit with all that photographer gear.
High five for Aimhigh aviation photography, five stars'.
1Lt Roberts Andrejevs, Latvian Air Force

'Cristian stayed with us for a couple of days, "on duty" with the Norwegian rescuehelicopter, 330 sqn.
Taking pictures and making reports for various aviation magazines. He made a very professional impression, taking awsome pictures and also wrote a nice day to day stories from our service'.
Bent-Olav Aggvin, Rescueswimmer, 330 Skvadron, Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF).

'Cristian made a fantastic article about my squadron that was published in multiple aviation magazines
world wide. The article contained great photos taken of the aircraft in the air. Thanks, Cris!'
Lt.Col. Øivind Jervan, CO 717 EW Skvadron, RNoAF